Beware: Girls Who Hate Girls

Posted: 12/29/2010 by Singlefied in Dating
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Every guy has met this girl before: she acts like one of the guys, she tries hard to not be “emotional,” she gets passionate about sports, she talks mad shit about other girls, and she has no girl friends.  You think she’s cool because she seems drama-free.  Also, you two share similar man interests.  Your guy friends think she’s dope, but your girl friends always seem to cringe when she’s around.   Little do you know that these girls are just as bad as those nagging girls desperate for marriage and kids.

Girls who hate girls try really hard to not be the typical female depicted in society.  They exude more masculine energy and they do everything opposite of those crying crazies on wedding shows.  However, they overcompensate and end up rejecting everything that is “female.”  They don’t want girl friends because they’re too much trouble, and they will hiss at your friends who are girls.  They literally hate girls because they see how guys get annoyed by females.

The problem with this type of girl is that she actually does possess the typical female qualities, but she tries hard hiding them from you.  If you call her while she’s at the mall, she’ll tell you she’s at a sports bar.  If you bring your hot female co-worker around, she’ll pretend that she’s not jealous.  If you tell her that you’re not ready to be exclusive, she’ll act cool about it when she’s already mentioned you as her “boyfriend” to her mom.

Bottom line is, the girl who hates girls is in total denial of who she is.  She’s letting the opposite of female behavior to define her identity.  You don’t want to date this type of girl because she’s on the delayed train to dramaland.  Everything will seem fine because she is bottling everything up and one day, it’ll all come out.  She wants you to spend more time with her than your friends, she doesn’t like the way you look at her friend Jenny, she wants you to define your relationship (now!), and she doesn’t get why you forgot her half birthday.  It’ll be explosive drama diarrhea and you’ll realize she was just putting on a facade the entire time.

Besides, if you want to date a girl who rejects everything that is female, why not just date boys?

  1. Charles Lim says:

    Most insightful post of the bunch so far for me! Half Birthday!!

  2. Datingisms says:

    […] line is, the girl who hates girls is in total denial of who she is.  She’s letting the opposite of female behavior to define her […]

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