What Girls Notice About You

Posted: 12/10/2010 by Singlefied in Dating, Your Appearance
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Last night I was out with a group of friends and we started checking out the guys and girls who populated this swanky midtown bar.  My guy friends immediately started commenting on how nice this girl’s ass was; mind you, her ass was just at our eye-level.  Meanwhile, the girls were constantly looking up…to look at faces.

With the combination of your animalistic nature and simple mind, you’re drawn to whatever’s in front of you that feed into your shiny object syndrome.  For us on the other hand, we notice your face and only your face.  And it’s not just whether you have a good looking face or not, it’s whether the story that you tell with your face is intriguing enough for us to find out more.

For example, my girlfriend Tanya and I were at a bar and she was immediately focused on this one dude standing in a group of 5.  He was definitely not the most attractive of the group and I just couldn’t understand her attraction.  She later explained, “He had a kind face.”  This observation was not correlated to his actual physical traits, but more his facial mannerisms.  He had a genuine smile and his eyes were always fully engaged in the conversation.  Also, he didn’t have wandering eyes.  He was just having a great time with his buddies.

Girls are very observant.  We know when you’re on the prowl, when you’re checking us out, and when your goal is to get wasted.  But the most attractive “look” you can have is simply having a good time.  And even though you may have been hitting the gym hardcore working on your guns or you have a nice watch, those things can’t convey that you’re having a good time.  Only your face will.

Disclaimer: if you’ve got a pizza face or a snaggletooth, it won’t matter how much fun you’re having ’cause we won’t be looking at you in admiration.  Girls may be more forgiving of looks but we’re not saints.  If you want a girl who takes care of her looks, you should do the same, yo.

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