Facebook Dating Etiquette

Posted: 11/18/2010 by Singlefied in Dating
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  • Don’t Friend Request someone after just the first date.  You don’t know where this is going, do you really want to hide your inappropriate ex-girlfriend pics from her yet?
  • Don’t have a relationship status unless you’re ready for the press release.  I’ve heard of so many horror breakup stories of people getting hurt because their ex changed their status first.  Why be the star in that drama?
  • Do customize your profile for separate audiences.  Categorize your females as “Breakups” and “Hookups.”  The “Breakups” group are comprised of girls you’ve been with in the past.  We (girls) like to stalk our ex’s profiles and make up stories about him and the girls in his pictures.  It’s not pretty.  Therefore, the “Breakups” group should only see a limited profile.  And as for the “Hookups” group, make sure to hide your pics with your ex’s.
  • Don’t Friend Request more than once.  I once had a guy I met at a bar friend request me 4 times before sending me a message to ask me why I haven’t accepted his request.  That’s social media harassment.
  • Don’t update your status 5 million times a day.  Girls can do that, guys shouldn’t.  It’s not sexy and it makes it seem like you don’t got a life.  Girls like a little mystery, and “Steve is picking up dry-cleaning then headed off to the gym to lift with his other juice head friends” is not mysterious.
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